Automatic Panel Sizing Saw HP330G
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Model No: HP330 Automatic Panel Sizing Saw

Power Type: Automatic Panel Sizing Saw

Max. Cutting Length: 3300mm

Mechanical Arm's Running Distance : 3300mm

Max Height of Blade : 100mm(intelligent control)

Diameter of Main Saw : 400mm x 4.4 x 60mm

Diameter of Scoring Saw : 160mm x 4.4 -5.4 x 45mm

Saw Socket Forward Speed : 5-80m/min

Saw Socket Backward Speed : 100m/min

Mechanical Arm's Speed : 0-100m/min 

Motor Power of Main Saw Shaft : 18kw

Motor Power of Scoring Saw Shaft : 2.2kw

Side Pressing System : Double Side Pressing Wheels 

Pneumatic Blade Quick Adjustment System : -

Aluminium alloy saw carrier : -

No.of mechanical arm : 8 pcs 

Air compression : 6 Bar

Air Capacity : 150L/min 

Min.speed of dust collection : 26m/second 

Negative pressure(at least) : 1200 Pa

Input air capacity for dust collection : 4400m3/hour 

Diameter of dust collecting holes : 200mmx1, 150mmx1

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